" "



 14/II International tournament of basketball

 On September, 8th at 12.00 o'clock ceremony of solemn opening of II International tournament takes place in children's youthful sports school " Orbita" on basketball among youthful commands.

 13/ The new school of information technologies \"Parus\" - has opened!!!

 On August, 31st, solemn opening an average comprehensive school 6 \"Parus\" located to the address of Lesnaya street, 3 took place.
Among the invited persons there was a Governor of the Moscow area B.V. Gromov, the Vice-governor of the Moscow area A.B.Panteleev, members of the Government of the Moscow area, deputies of the State and Regional thought, city council of deputies, heads of the organizations and the enterprises of city, representatives of regional and city mass-media, other guests of honour.
The holiday was decorated with the performance with the national actress of Russia of Valentine Tolkunova.


 12/ Before start-up of new school there were 30 days!

  Absolutely soon, for pupils the doors new school \" Parus\" on August, 31st will open. Painting and decorating Already come to an end, all classes I of a starting complex are practically ready. Works on installation of low-current systems are spent (phone, radio, the tele-equipment), proceeds installation of equipment of a dining room.

 11/ 26.07.2005. To hold a rate!

 The Moscow area remains among most economically developed regions of the country. On a number of parameters the rating of Moscow suburbs managed to be lifted still above: the index of industrial production has made 125,6 %, the amount of works, executed by the building organizations has grown on 102,4 %. Dynamics of the consumer market pleases: retail commodity circulation has increased on 23 %, volume of paid services on 3 %.
Three times in the performance the Governor has noted successes of the city of Dzerzhinsky:
- On a level of wages (on the average on city it exceeds 12.000 roubles);
- On a level of an accomplishment (on a regular basis the city borrows prize-winning places in various competitions);
- On rate of performance of the program of repair of entrances (for today it is executed on 70 %);


 10/ 25.07.2005. We are prepare for winter

  Today the next meeting of the chapter of city took place in Administration of city with workers of the municipal enterprises and experts of management of municipal economy on preparation for a new cold season. All works are conducted according to the schedule, in some enterprises even with an advancing. But there are also weak places: one of the problems put by the chapter of city on results of meeting is strengthening work with the enterprises and the citizens, being debtors on payment for housing-and-municipal services.

 9/ About construction of the best school of Moscow suburbs

 At full speed construction of school " Parus " proceeds: works on internal furnish of school are made, approach to end works on installation of a central air of initial classes and a dining room. We shall remind, that this school should become the best school in the Moscow area.

 8/ The action " Pure city ", lead by forces of children of labour camp

 18 pupils of labour camp " Pure city " have taken part in the July action on putting in order in a forest park, in Committees of public self-management "Tomilinsky" and "Zavodskoy". Still more many all interesting: besides a labour part of children traditional entertaining actions wait, and on end of all works excursion in Nicolo-Ugreshsky a monastery is planned.

 7/ Working visit of the Governor of the Moscow area to the city

 During visit of the Governor to Dzerzhinsky the decision on following problems was accepted:
Financing from the regional budget of construction and commissioning of new school (34 mln.rub.);Construction of one more departure to MO Road; Reconstruction city it is barefooted; Gathering the ground tax by a cadastral estimation of the grounds; Allocation from the regional budget 9,5 mln.rub on a city accomplishment.
Questions have been accepted to consideration: About change of borders of city and inclusion of near part Tomilinsky of a forest park in borders Dzerzhinsky, about creation of technopark in a Dzerzhinsky.


 6/ Has started a symposium of sculptors

 From July, 4th till August, 25th in Dzerzhinsky will pass the International symposium of the sculptors, devoted to the 625 anniversary of a victory of Russian armies in Kulickovo to fight and basis Nicolo-Ugreshsky of a monastery. Sculptors will take part in a symposium from six countries: Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Mexico, Greece.
Solemn opening of a symposium takes place on July, 5th at 12.00 in the Light ravine.


 5/ Creation of technopark

 On June, 30th Conference took place in branch \" Ugresha \" of the International University of the nature, a society and the person \"Dubna\" \" Strategy of creation of scientific technological park \" Ugreha-Arisona\"

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